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Uniform Requirements

 Kindergarten–10th Grade Girls’ Uniforms

  • Knit polo shirt in red, white, or navy blue
  • Pleated skirt or jumper in navy or khaki (No skorts; no denim skirts, jumpers, jackets or pants)
  • All hems must cover the child’s knee; knees should not be visible. (Buy longer skirts or jumpers to leave room for growth.)
Kindergarten–10th Grade Boys’ Uniforms
  • Knit polo shirt in red, white or navy blue
  • Dress pants in navy or khaki (No cargo, denim, baggy, painter’s or zip-off pants; knee-length dress shorts are acceptable for elementary boys only; 7th–12th grade boys may not wear shorts.)
  • All pants/shorts need to be worn with a belt.
11th and 12th Grade Boys’ Dress Code
  • Collared dress shirt with a non-cartoon regular or clip-on tie
  • Dress or khaki style long dress pants and a belt (Boys’ shirts must be tucked in at all times. Pants may not be sagged or extra baggy.)
  • Dress shoes (Sneakers are acceptable for PE.)
  • Clean-shaven and neat, conservative hairstyle
11th and 12th Grade Girls’ Dress Code
  • Loose-fitting dress or a blouse with a skirt, sleeves and a modest neckline (No denim skirts, jumpers, jackets, or dresses; no pants or slacks.)
  • Slits may not come above the knee.
  • Conservative, low-heeled dress shoes (No platform or high-heeled shoes, no boots or flip-flop-style shoes)

Elementary Standards

The teachers use a four strike system in the elementary grades.  If a student receives three discipline marks in one day, a note will be sent home and must be signed by the parent and returned the next school day in order for the student to return to class.  If a student receives four discipline marks in one day, he will be sent to the Principal.

The administration also uses a three strike system with office visits.  An elementary student with three office visits in one semester may be suspended or asked to withdraw.  If the school feels that parent/student corporation is deficient or the student's behavior or attitude is hindering the academic or spiritual atmosphere, the child will be expelled or asked to withdraw.

Secondary Standards

The Jr. and Sr. high school will have demerit and detention penalties.  The teacher or administration will send a copy the demerits slip home to the parents to be signed and returned the next day.  Notices will be sent home from the school office when a student reaches the 25, 50, and 75 demerit marks.  Demerits will also be posted on each report card.  A brief list of demerit offenses may be found in the school handbook.

A student who accumulates 50 demerits in one semester is placed on probation. He may not participate in extracurricular activities or hold a leadership position for one semester or other time period determined by the administration.  A student who accumulates 50 demerits in two successive semesters may be expelled or refused re-enrollment.

The accumulation of 100 demerits in one school year will be considered grounds for expulsion.  students who are dismissed from the school will not be considered eligible for re-enrollment for one full semester (90 school days), and must have approval from the administration in advance.

Parents or guardians are expected to immediately inform the school in the event a Faith Baptist Student is apprehended by law enforcement personnel.  The school reserves the right to assess demerits, suspend or expel the student depending on the severity of the offense, even if formal charges are not lodged or final guilt determined.  Failure to notify the administration of such a situation may result in the student's expulsion.

Detention system

For every 15 demerits a student receives, he/she will serve a one-hour detention the next time the detention hall is open.  Detention will be served every Wednesday afternoon from 2:50 - 3:50 PM.  Students will be given assignments by the detention monitor.  Nothing other than work will be done during detention time.

If a student fails to appear at detention, he/she will make up the detention plus receive an additional detention.  If a student does not cooperate with a monitor, or is not doing the work assigned, demerits, an extra detention or suspension will be given. Detention slips will be sent home on Mondays , and should be signed and returned the next school day. For severe offenses, a Saturday detention will be given.  Saturday detentions are from 8:00 am - 11:00 am.  Any student assigned a Saturday detention must stay the full three hours.  Since we pay our teachers to oversee detention, there is no monetary fee for regular detention.  However, there is a monetary fee of $25 for a Saturday detention.  Any detention fee must be paid at the beginning of detention.  There will be no excuses for missing a detention.  If the family will be out of town, please see the principal to present your case.

Detentions will not be scheduled around work, appointments, or other activities.  A student who misses a detention may not play sports the missed detention is made up.  Excessive accumulation of detentions is grounds for expulsion.