Faith Baptist Church of Margate Florida

A ministry of Faith Baptist Church of Margate Florida



God has abundantly blessed FBA with a well trained dedicated staff of highly qualified teachers. Their goal is to exemplify Christ through their godly example in and out of the classroom. Showing forth Christ in attitude, spirit and actions helps develop young people with a heart for God. Our strong evangelistic ministry in the classrooms is the reason we have many students accept Jesus and their personal savior each year and the discipleship our students receive ensures a path of growth. We seek to be an extension of the vibrant Christian home offering a well-rounded advanced curriculum.


Pastor Bill Gorman 

Pastor and President of Faith Baptist Academy





                      Nathan Lipscomb                                                                  Joel Beharry

                       School Principal                                                           Youth Ministry/ Teacher



                 Becky Rakes                                                                             Gina Soverns

                Office/Finance                                                                          School Office


             Carlylse Ragoonath                                                                         Susan James

           Algebra I, Algebra II                                                              4th-6th Grades


                                                         Nancy Cooper

                                                        1st-3rd Grades


                                                   Maddy Morley



                                                         Dave Dennis

                                                   Property Maintenance