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A Beka Book Curriculum

K3 to K5

Instruction and Objectives


Obedience  & Self Discipline

Counting 1 through 100

Manners & Social Skills 

Counting by 10's to 100

Colors & Shapes

"Before" & "After"

Health & Safety 

"Larger than" & "Smaller than"


Addition & Subtraction

Arts & Crafts


Story Time

Bible Stories & Songs

Special Programs


The purpose of our elementary school is to win boys and girls to Jesus Christ, and then to teach the academics, fine arts and sports. Academically, Faith Baptist Elementary is second to none. Our SAT scores continue to be two years ahead of the national average. Our students are also extremely talented in the areas of fine arts and athletics. Our elementary students frequently compete in spelling bees, creative writing festivals, fine arts competitions and athletic competitions. Students are thoroughly prepared for Jr. High and High School after completing our elementary school.


Faith Baptist Academy has developed an excellent, God-honoring college preparatory Jr. High and High School program that emphasizes service for Christ. Our academics are superior to other schools in the area. In fact, our SAT scores were in the top ten percent of the nation, just as our elementary scores were. All of our secondary school students have professed Christ as their Savior. Our goal for these students is that they go to the best Christian colleges and use their training they have received for the Lord's service.

FBA High School Graduation Requirements

Bible 4 Credits English 4 Credits
Math 4 Credits  Science 3 Credits 
History 3.5 Credits Other Electives 2.5 Credits 
Spanish  1 Credits Fine Arts/Practical Arts  1 Credit 
P. E.   1 Credit 

24 credits are required for high school graduation.


Christian Service/Community Service Hours

Students who fulfill all of the required hours by the twelfth grade will receive a silver cord to wear at graduation. Forms will be handed out to all high school students for record keeping purposes.